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    Hi guys as things slowly move in the right direction,I finally have 5 mins to write a little something but first.

    Merry Christmas and may u all get safe into the new year..


    its been a hell of a year for me I became a father for the second time and things haven´t been easy to say the least.
    I know I have been absent in every term of the word. but I am here still..
    I can´t be with u on tactical due to that I have no Idear if I can participate on those chosen days or dates, however I can join u on various other games..

    so I am sorry it took this long to get a word out, and I hope that we still can have some fun in the future..
    in the mentime I will continue to support and donate to the livelyhood of this community..
    best regard
    Kasper Juel

    Miles Long

    Merry Christmas Kasper it was good to see you on TS today just keep an eye on the website for games and events


    Merry christmas mate.
    Good to hear from you again, just pop on Teamspeak whenever you wanna play a game or somethin, people are usually online.


    Hey Kasper, hope you had a Happy Christmas and have a great New Year.

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