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    Miles Long

    Has the time come to shut down the Dhqlax gaming group, we are not hitting our donation target at the end of each month and the TS is dead as far as Dhqlax members go, we have had six years of great times but life moves on. i am just thinking about shutting Dhqlax down at the moment but the work load and stress of running the clan has just got to much for me to do on my own anymore . So if anyone has some new ideas to help keep Dhqlax going then please feel free to voice them below


    This saddens me to read, but i fully understand you Miles.


    A sad thing indeed. It’s hard to find any games that we can all be active on. Arma was perfect but now tactical is separated there isn’t really enough in it to run a second clan on.

    I think it’s an unwelcome byproduct from creating the successful 10th-MD


    What brought some people to this clan, was a PVE server. This was a friendly place to get to know and befriend the always so including and helpful clanfolks when having fun. Maybe worth having a go at e Exile PVE where you can donate for tanks, helis and shit. that used to help with the bills back in the day with Arma2 Dayz epoch PVE. But then again, maybe Exile has run its course and its a little too late.
    It is truly sad if this great clan gets shut down ๐Ÿ™ a place where many of us have made lifetime friends.

    “This is my clan. There are many clans, but this is mine. I will be faithful to my clan, and never ever trade it for another.” -Remi


    If you want a server built let me know, but unless people from the clan actually use it it’s pointless.
    The way Arma 3 and the mods has evolved the last year give us many new opportunities to customize (Zeus, Ace etc in Exile/Epoch) so as usual it boils down to whether people are interested. Exile with an admin zeusing could be interesting though. There are also other mods out there (Antistasi, Ravage etc…).

    Donations for ingame content is AFAIK not an option, at least for A3.


    We need to find a common game now that 10th-MD separated from the clan. One thing is we could try to play some games weekly. Back in the day when I joined people played a lot of wasteland and PvP. Gun games were amazing and a blast with this group, maybe something like that could help with this, I love this clan and the people, such a fun group and I myself will never forget the great times we had.

    Some ideas:

    Weekly game nights consisting of different game style, for example Arma 2 or 3 clan PvP (gun game, small groups of attack and defense for example, there are many options)
    Weekly game nights of something like Wasteland, DayZ PvP/PvE
    Weekly random game nights consisting of games most of the clan members have (GTA 5 or battlefield 3 and 4 for example)

    Once in a while we all play Tabletop Simulator (not expensive) if everyone loves boardgames or card games (who doesn’t). basically the mother of all Card Game / Tabletop simulators, poker, blackjack all boardgames that exist

    I don’t want to see this clan get destroyed. If we work this out we can easily host another great clan meeting next year with a smaller budget than this year that unfortunately didn’t go through.

    Miles Long

    Thanks for your input lads


    In my humble opinion there’s no reason to shut down Dhqlax. But I think it’s time to shut down the Dhqlax server and free ourself of the needs for funds. We no longer use TS and the server for anything else but the TS server. That will let us off the hook for donations and be able to just keep the community running.

    It would sadden me to see Dhqlax end here. I believe that we can get a common ground at some time and in the meantime keep contact by having the site and Discord running.

    Even though I no longer lingers in the corridors of Dhqlax, it’s still a big part of me ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’m not sure man, the choice in the end is up to you. Start of last year the tactical made up a big part of the clan and was something to expand on. Right now, without tactical / having a game to focus on it seems hard to get new people in it, which is a problem many clans ultimately face.

    As you said, 6 years the clan has been around and that is a heck of a lot longer than most clans last. There must be something about it that is worth saving. I’m already grateful for the great times I’ve had here with all you guys, the small moments of drama are almost non-existent compared to the really awesome fun we had. But yes again, it’s your and 8bit’s clan and it depends on what you want to do with it. I’m glad you are communicating about it and am late to the party, got a question for you Miles:

    – What are you interested in right now? – Do you have time to play games? – If yes, what game would you want to possibly focus on if any? – Is this a game that would make it feasible to make the clan grow again?

    edit: Definitely agree with 8bit. Maybe somewhere this year there will be a game which we will all play, we can get on it early and start recruiting people from the start. Time is sort of on our side and as well as a group of friends who will not easily abandon the clan.


    Battlefield 5

    That could possibly grow the clan, we get a server running, now that there is not DLC or season pass no need to worry about if someone doesnt own the DLC’s.

    That would probably work in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps. A game im super excited to play, i bet some of you will be aswell

    Edit: and wasnt the main point in the birth of this clan DayZ, wasteland and battlefield PvP, thats why I joined myself ^^

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