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    Miles Long

    Hi guys i know about the posts below PLEASE do not use any of the links as the member has hacked our system. 8bit is on the case.
    Also please note that the TS server seems to be down please use the discord server


    Just to clarify, nothing was hacked. A user signed up and posted the spam and delete the user account again. There’s nothing we can do beside deleting the post’s. So keep up the good work spotting these spammer 🙂


    I’ve ben actively deleting their accounts after Hollow told me yesterday.
    They claim to be the 10-MD CO and calls him (or me) ”rather a cunt”.

    Seychelles located IPs from what I’ve seen anyway.


    Next time don´t delete the account. I need to get as much info about the spammer as possible to do something about it. And please message me by any means to let me know the spammer is back.

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