Great Dhqlax Clan Party 2018

Are You Attending the Great Dhqlax Clan Party 2018

So we know numbers please vote below as to you requirements.  

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    Miles Long

    Hi Guys,    Great Dhqlax Clan Party 2018

    Dates 8, 9, 10 June 2018

    I am sorry for the lateness of this news but that time is nearly here the Great Dhqlax Clan Party 2018. We had a great turn out last year of 24 showing up.

    For those of you that attended last year we are at the same place just outside Copenhagen, we are staying at a 36 bed summer house surrounded by woodland and a medium size lake which you can swim in. We have fun party games and prizes for the best teams, lots of food and drinking all in all a great weekend .

    The price for this 3 day bender is £100 of your money for this you get 2 nights accommodation with all meals included and some free beer, as with every year a clan gift and award will be awarded to those you attend. You can also buy a clan t-shirt if you wish.

    With the new web site we now have a shop which will be coming online shortly. From this shop you will be able to buy your ticket and T-Shirt.

    Please note that all  who attend will be signing up for a work roster which helps with the running of this event making sure we all have a great time.

    For anyone wishing to be picked up and dropped off at Copenhagen Airport please note that we will be running a pick up at 12 midday Friday and returning for 14:00 Sunday. this is the only time this service is available, if you arrive after outside this time then you will have to make your own way to the party.

    So we know numbers please vote below as to you requirements.  


    dont for get to bring spare passport antivenom and extra socks got to cover as many base as possable



    Miles Long

    Hi Lads if your thinking of coming to the clan party please sign up on the web site as we only have 9 people and we cant run it with such low numbers


    i am coming to the clan party

    Miles Long

    Hi Lads last call for the clan party we need 20 to keep the price at £100 and 15 to make it viable, we need to make a decision this weekend. if we cant make the numbers we will have to cancel the event for this year and a loss will be made because of the lost deposit. Sunday will be the cut off date. Sorry i know its not the best of news .


    Wish i could make it 🙁


    Is the party is officically off??

    Miles Long

    Sorry Lads, we are unable to hold this event due to lack of numbers, we will look into holding it next year

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