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Gaming Groups

This list has been kindly provided by Dhqlax members via a forum post. we need at least 8 votes for a game to make it but you can always start you own group when you are ready. Please note the the group system is still being worked on. You only get 4 votes so use them wisely.

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  • PUBG
  • Flight Sims General
  • Mount & Blade
  • World of Tanks
  • Company of Heroes
  • Guild Wars 2
  • GTAV
  • BF1
  • BF4
  • Civilization Games
  • Squad
  • Arma 3
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    Miles Long

    How Dhqlax is going to work as a gaming community.

    As a Dhqlax member you will be able to start a new Gaming Group lets use BF4 as an example. You will be able to start a new BF4 group via a new gaming group tab (its not there yet so don’t look) at the top of our page, this will bring you to a new page like our forum page where you will fill in a brief description of the group, times you play and be able to add artwork. After hitting the submit button the website will do the rest for you and your group will be active and be displayed on the front page.
    We are going to start a few groups off to get us going and allow you to see how its done, the new groups can be voted on via the poll vote within this post.




    Voted, sounds like a good idea!

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