10thMD Realism Unit.


The 10th Mountain Division is a continuation of DHQLAX’ own Tactical Warfare Group, which was a small Arma 3 group with a focus on tactical gameplay.

New leadership was appointed, with DHQLAX member T.Holtkamp becoming Company Commander, and loads of changes were made that have formed the 10th into what it is now.


We focus on medium-scale operations for a platoon-sized element.

Our operations are mostly based on 2 separate campaigns that run at any given time.

We host operations twice a week, excluding training sessions and casual gaming sessions.

One operation per week is focussed on a conventional warfare campaign, and one focuses on Counterinsurgency.

These missions revolve around progression, and outcomes impact the overall campaign.


Our Friday operations run from 20.00 GMT to 23.00 GMT (21.00 – 00.00 CET)

Our Sunday operations run from 19.00 GMT to 22.00 GMT (20.00 – 23.00 CET)